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Ports & Port Adventures Excursions – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the European Value Added Tax?


The European Value Added Tax (VAT) is collected on most consumer goods and services by establishments doing business in member countries of the European Union.

Note that the VAT rate, if applicable, varies by country and, within each country, a different rate (including zero rating) may apply depending on the good or service. For example, the tax rate may be lower on food and travel-related items than it is on souvenir purchases.

VAT charges, if any, will be included in the price of any Port Adventures excursions you book. The tax will be applied to purchases you make while in a European port.

Alternatively, VAT charges, if applicable, can be broken out on the receipts of certain other items (e.g., merchandise, photo and spa retail items in the Mediterranean).

The important thing to note is that whether you are sailing on a Mediterranean cruise or Baltic cruise, VAT will be charged if applicable.

For more detailed information, you can find lists of VAT rates online or by checking the individual country’s official website.

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