Privacy Notice

Health Screening Measures during COVID-19

As Disney Cruise Line (we, us) returns to sailing following the public health threat of COVID-19, we are changing some of our usual practices. Our Health Screening Measures (listed in section 2 below) promote health and safety onboard and help minimise the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. More information about our Health Screening Measures can be found at Know Before You Go.

This Privacy Notice describes how your personal data will be collected, used and handled as a result of the Health Screening Measures being implemented throughout your journey, from prior to travel to the end of your time on board our ship.

For the purposes of the data protection legislation including the Data Protection Act 2018 (UK), Magical Cruise Company Ltd (trading as Disney Cruise Line) is the data controller of the Personal Data to be processed in accordance with this Notice.


1.1 This Privacy Notice applies to all Disney Cruise Line guests, crew members, ship visitors, and any other person embarking the ships or attending the port.

1.2 This Privacy Notice supplements and does not replace any other privacy notice which applies to you.


2.1 Your Personal Data is information which can be identified (either directly or indirectly) as relating to you. The Personal Data we will collect from you or about you from a third party (such as a testing provider), as part of our Health Screening Measures may include special categories of personal data which may be more sensitive, such as health information, and to which extra obligations apply.

2.2 Our Health Screening Measures include:

  1. Vaccination information: we may ask you to confirm whether you and those in your travel party have received a COVID-19 vaccine including proof of vaccination and date given. This may be done: for guests, prior to making a booking, at the port when checking-in or onboard; for crew, prior to embarking the ships.
  2. Temperature checks: we may test your temperature before embarkation and during your time on-board our ship. This will usually be done by using a hand held contactless thermometer operated by our crew or self-temperature checks using a provided thermometer.
  3. Health screening questionnaire: prior to embarkation, you will need to complete a health screening questionnaire for all members of your stateroom confirming your travel history and whether any members of your travel party have had any COVID-19 symptoms. You may be asked to complete this again during your time onboard. This may be done via our App (such as the Navigator App for guests), in-person when checking in or via email.
  4. COVID-19 tests: we may ask you to undergo a COVID-19 test, including PCR swab or antigen / lateral flow tests. You may be asked to have a test: prior to travel or embarking the ship; onboard the ship; if you have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19; as part of a surveillance program and/or if you are considered a close contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of it. Test results may be provided to us by you or by the testing provider.
  5. Contact Tracing: individuals on-board may be required to participate in our contact tracing programme, which includes on-board data collection.
    On-board data is data collected for other purposes which may be used to identify individuals who were in close contact (as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and subject to change) with a positive or suspected positive case of COVID-19. Examples of on-board data include restaurant reservations or entertainment bookings.
  6. Passenger Locator Form: we may require you complete a Passenger Locator Form about you and/or your travel party in accordance with public health and government guidance. The Passenger Locator Form includes your contact details and journey details. 


3.1 We process your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Notice for our legitimate purposes and/or to comply with our legal obligations to:

  1. Promote the security and protection of people on our ships;
  2. Facilitate the business of Disney Cruise Line;
  3. Comply with health and safety obligations;
  4. Comply with legal regulatory compliance and auditing purposes, and cooperate with investigations carried out by the policy, government or regulatory.

3.2 We process Special Categories of Personal Data for more restricted purposes and only as permitted by law. We process Special Categories of Personal Data where:

  1. necessary for complying with employment, social security and social protection laws including health and safety;
  2. necessary for the reasons of substantial public interest and public health in limiting the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to all crew, guests and third parties to the ship(s);
  3. necessary to protect the vital interests of those on-board our ships including Disney Cruise Line guests, crew and ship visitors; and/or
  4. for health care purposes such as preventative medicine or to assess the working capacity of our crew.

3.3 Without your Personal Data we may not be able to allow you on-board the ship(s).


4.1 Where we are required to do so, we may share your Personal Data with third parties who provide professional services such as medical service providers or COVID-19 testing providers; and to government institutions such as public health authorities and port authorities. This may include authorities from the country you boarded the ship, destinations visited and your final port.

4.2 We may also share your Personal Data within The Walt Disney group of companies, if necessary (such as to help reschedule a cruise if you test positive for COVID-19 prior to embarkation) and/or to the third parties who provide products and services to us (e.g. cloud services) in order to carry out activities on our behalf. Where we share your Personal Data, we put in place appropriate contractual protections.


The information that you provide will be stored securely on our electronic systems. Only relevant members of staff will have access to the information you provide to us.


We will hold the Personal Data which you provide to us as part of the Health Screening Measures for the purposes listed in this Privacy Notice for no longer than is necessary. We will continue to review the guidance issued by respective governments to determine how long that may be.

Personal Data collected for other purposes, and covered by other privacy notices will be retained for the duration set out in those notices.


7.1 You can request access to or deletion of your Personal Data, or correct or update inaccurate Personal Data. These rights are not always absolute and there may be reasons we need to retain your Personal Data. We will always tell you if we need to do so. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can do so by e-mailing your request to

7.2 If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you have a right to lodge a complaint with your local Supervisory Authority which in the UK, is the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”). The ICO can be contacted via or telephone +44 0303 123 1113.


This Notice may be updated from time to time, and we may issue further guidance or amendments to this Notice.