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Especially for Kids & Teens – Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find clothing size charts to help order costumes from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique ?


To help you order the proper size costume for your child’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience please refer to the costume size chart below when ordering.

Costume Sizes
SizeAgeHeightWeightDress Size U.S.
XXS3 years

36–39 in.
(90–99 cm)

29–32 lb.
(13.0–14.5 kg)

XS3 to 4 years

39–45 in.
(99–114 cm)

32–41 lb.
(14.5–18.5 kg)

4T, 4/5
S5 to 6 years

45–48 in.
(114–122 cm)

41–50 lb.
(18.5–22.5 kg)

M6 to 8 years

48–53 in.
(122–135 cm)

50–68 lb.
(22.5–31.0 kg)

L9 to 10 years

53–59 in.
(135–150 cm)

68–87 lb.
(31.0–39.5 kg)

XL11 to 12 years

59–64 in.
(150–162 cm)

87–115 lb.
(39.5–52.0 kg)


Please note that costume selection and sizing may vary and certain accessories are sold separately. Product and packages are subject to availability and available while supplies last. All prices, packages components, costumes, accessories, hairstyles and information contained herein are subject to change without notice.

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