Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses

As you review the itemized list of the cost of your cruise, you will see an amount labeled Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses. The term "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses" may include, without limitation, all or a portion of the following:

  1. Taxes, tolls, fees and charges paid to U.S. or foreign governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, such as head taxes, value added taxes, goods and services taxes, dockage fees, wharfage fees, customs and immigration fees, inspection fees, security fees, passenger facilities charges, Panama Canal tolls, flight segment fees, and international arrival and departure taxes.
  2. Port expenses associated with navigation (pilotage), berthing, stevedoring, baggage handling/storage and security services.

Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses may be assessed on a per passenger, per vessel, per ton or per berth basis. Any taxes, tolls, fees or expenses not based on a per passenger basis will be calculated based on the number of passengers on the Vessel. Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses are subject to change and we reserve the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing, even if the fare has already been paid in full.

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