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Disney Cruise Line's Commitment to Safety

Dear Guests,

At Disney Cruise Line, nothing is more important than the well-being of our guests and crew members, and the safe and secure operation of our ships. From regular crew training, safety drills and equipment inspections to the latest navigational technology, we employ multiple processes and procedures to uphold high standards of safety at all times, whether at sea or in port.

On this page you'll find descriptions of some of the important safety processes and systems we use at Disney Cruise Line. While we continuously monitor the safety of our vessels, please know that we remain committed to seeking opportunities to improve our safety-management systems and enhance our operations.

Thank you for your support of Disney Cruise Line. We look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Disney Cruise Line Cast & Crew

Safety Management Summary
We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety and security at sea and in port. This is achieved through a tightly interlinked series of systems that include:

  • A Safety Management System containing safety and environmental guidelines that are audited internally as well as by Lloyd's Register, an independent global risk management and certification organization.
  • A robust training program that includes onboard safety training for all crew and advanced training for those assigned to specialized safety duties such as lifeboat operator or firefighter.
  • A series of drills and exercises to simulate the crew's capability to respond to a variety of events.
  • Annual audits and inspections conducted internally and externally by organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Public Health, Transport Canada Marine Safety and other port state control authorities.
  • A system of technical, oversight and staffing redundancies that provides for checks and balances with our safety protocols.
  • An automated scheduled maintenance program for shipboard equipment.
  • Programmed testing of backup systems for key shipboard systems and critical equipment to ensure they perform when or if needed.


Crew Training
Our shipboard crew members receive extensive instruction needed to perform their duties and to take timely preventive or corrective action when necessary. Our ships meet or exceed regulatory safety requirements in all areas of our operation, and this is accomplished in large part through the continuous drills and exercises performed by our crew members and officers. Our culture of safety is built on training, practice and repetition.

Guest Assembly Drills
Before departing on each cruise, we hold a mandatory assembly drill for guests, providing important instructions on what would be required of passengers in the event of an actual emergency. Crew services are suspended during the drill, and attendance for guests is required. We use a state-of-the-art automated system to account for guests checked-in at assembly stations.

General Crew Drills
Crew members spend significant time practicing the procedures needed to evacuate the ship, which includes launching and operating lifeboats and life rafts. General drills for all "first responders" (evacuation leaders, firefighters, medical team, etc.) are conducted every week to provide them with the opportunity to practice various scenarios. In addition, all crew members participate in general safety drills every other week, providing the entire team with the opportunity to practice.

Officer Experience and Training
Each of our Captains is a seasoned maritime professional with more than 20 years of seafaring experience and is well-regarded in the industry. Our Deck and Engineering officers regularly attend Bridge/Engine Resource Management training focused on how to respond in emergency situations. Captains and Staff Captains further undergo bridge simulation training, and on each Disney ship we have an integrated electronic navigation system and navigation officers who are trained in its operation.

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