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Navigator App – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi so I can use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app while on board?


As soon as you board the ship, you can follow these steps to connect to the ship's complimentary DCL-GUEST wireless network from your smartphone or tablet:

1. In your device's Settings, turn Airplane Mode to "On" to prevent roaming charges.
2. Also in Settings, activate your Wi-Fi connection. This will locate available networks on board.
3. Select the DCL-GUEST Wi-Fi network.
4. Launch the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, and let the magic begin!

Please be aware that using the DCL-GUEST wireless network for any activity other than the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, such as email and surfing the Internet, is subject to additional charges.

Find out more about the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.

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