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Location: Disney Dream

At a Glance

Location: Deck 13, Forward Funnel
Designed For: Pre-Teens
Hours of Operation: Varies; please check the Personal Navigator while onboard for specific times.

Edge is a loft-style lounge exclusive to tweens—children 11 to 14 years of age—that is located on Deck 13, Forward Funnel on the Disney Dream. Operating hours vary occasionally, so while onboard, please check your Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific times.

Edge features a vast array of hi-tech fun, including an illuminated dance floor for music lovers and notebook computers for game playing and accessing a unique onboard social media application. Perhaps the lounge's most impressive component is a state-of-the-art video wall that stretches more than 18 feet long and nearly 5 feet tall. Comprised of 18 individual LCD screens, the video wall acts as a giant screen—its separate screens can even be divided in any combination to accommodate different-sized video feeds.

Activities at Edge
Edge hosts a wide range of fun-filled activities for tween cruisers ages 11 to 14. Check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific dates and times of activities while onboard.

Although subject to change, activities at Edge may include:

  • That's Hilarious
    Our counselors will transform you into Improv comedians while you learn the basics of Improv, movie scene interactions and comedy games just like the stars of the Disney Channel hit, So Random!
  • Ghost Voyagers
    The ship is passing through mysterious waters of history and legend. Strange occurrences have happened to several passengers in the past. Were these circumstances actual ghosts or just the imaginations of the people who witnessed them? Equipped with state-of-the-art ghost-hunting gear, it's up to the "Ghost Voyagers" to find out.

Fun Facts & Tips

Edge's décor includes wallpaper that features a subtle, retro Mickey-head design.

During the cruise, tweens and teens can use an onboard intranet-based social media computer application to post videos and photos and leave messages.


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