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Nemo's Reef

Location: Disney Fantasy

At a Glance

Location: Deck 11, Midship
Designed For: Kids
Hours of Operation: Varies; Please check the Personal Navigator while onboard for specific times

Nemo's Reef on the Disney Fantasy is a fanciful water play area designed for children. It's located on Deck 11, Midship, adjacent to Mickey's Pool. Featuring fountains, bubblers and pop jets, this fun-filled splash deck stars some of your favorite characters from the hit Disney•Pixar movie Finding Nemo.

Nemo's Reef is where children 8 years of age and younger can splash around, cool off and make new friends with other kids their own age. This 1,500-square-foot interactive wet play area features:

  • Character figures—including Nemo, Dory and Marlin—that move and spray water in a variety of unique ways
  • A mini-sized waterslide shaped like Mr. Ray
  • A water curtain that moves back and forth, mimicking the East Australian Current
  • Pearl, the octopus who "inks" with a mist of water

Children must be supervised at all times while playing at Nemo's Reef.

Nemo's Reef is designed with your comfort, safety and convenience in mind, with a variety of special features:

  • Shaded for protection from the sun
  • A soft wet deck surface
  • Surrounded by a glass enclosure, the pool area has both a main Guest entrance and a wheelchair-accessible entrance

Policies About Swim Accessories and Equipment
Please be aware of the following policies about swim accessories and equipment:

  • Swim goggles that fit only over the eyes are permitted at all pools, hot tubs and water slides, with the exception of AquaDunk aboard the Disney Magic, where goggles are not allowed.
  • Swim masks that cover the eyes and nose are permitted at all pools. They are not allowed on any slides, including AquaDuck.
  • Snorkel tubes are not permitted at any pools, hot tubs or water slides.
  • Coast Guard personal flotation devices (PFDs), water wings and flotation sewn into bathing suits can be brought onboard and are permitted in Mickey's Pool.
  • Floats, rafts and fun noodles cannot be brought onboard and are not permitted in the pools.

Policies About Swim Diapers
The United States Public Health Service requires that only children who are toilet trained are permitted to enter swimming pools and spas aboard cruise ships.

Children who are not toilet trained are welcome to enjoy Nemo's Reef and Mickey's Splash Zone, where they must wear swim diapers. Please note, swim diapers are not permitted in the pools, hot tubs or spas, the AquaDuck and the AquaLab.

Complimentary Pool Vests
As a courtesy, complimentary pool vests are now available on the pool decks aboard all ships. These vests can only be worn by children in the swimming pools to help with flotation, and must not be taken ashore at ports of call, including Castaway Cay. Please note that pool vests are not a substitute for the lifejackets located in Guest staterooms, nor are they a substitution for adult supervision.

Fun Facts & Tips

Don't want to go ashore? Nemo's Reef is a great place where young children can have fun when the ship's in port.

Deck chairs located adjacent to Nemo's Reef are provided so that parents can keep a close eye on their children.

Disney Cruise Line repurposes air conditioning condensation to clean the outer decks of the ships, saving more than 22 million gallons of fresh water yearly.

Disney Cruise Line ships convert seawater into freshwater for numerous uses, including filling each of the pools and water play areas our guests enjoy.


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