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Cabanas Food Court

Royal Palace

Location: Disney Dream

At a Glance

Location: Deck 3, Midship
Restaurant Type: Main Dining
Cuisine: Continental, French
Meal Type: Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner

Royal Palace on the Disney Dream is a wondrously themed, Main Dining restaurant located on Deck 3, Midship. Inspired by classic Disney films like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, Royal Palace serves French-inspired, continental cuisine fit for a king or queen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dining at Royal Palace is an elegant affair. Resplendent décor includes ornate marble floors, a luxurious rose carpet and an elaborate chandelier brimming with glass slippers and roses, along with hand-painted portraits of Disney princesses and princes including Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and Belle. A marble entryway inlaid with a royal crest featuring a pumpkin coach, glass slipper, rose and tiara, and lavish chair backs embellished with gilded emblems and tiara-topped porthole valances add to the magic.

With an attention to detail only Disney could communicate, dining at the Royal Palace places you and your family in the center of a classic Disney fairytale—where much of the restaurant's décor is modeled from classic Disney films. For example, the circular floor plan, fluted columns and iron railing that grace the restaurant are all faithfully recreated from the Cinderella ballroom scene.

Dinner at Royal Palace is part of the reserved Rotational Dining that occurs nightly during your cruise. When you book your cruise, you will be asked to select a dinner and live show time based upon availability at that time. Requests to change these assignments may be made during the booking process or upon boarding the ship, if availability allows. Once onboard, check the dining tickets that can be found in your stateroom for assigned dinner and show seating times, restaurant schedule and table number.

Royal Palace offers a mouthwatering 4-course affair, serving a seasonal menu of classic culinary delights fit for royalty of all ages.

Dress Code
The dress code for dinner at Royal Palace changes daily. Check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for more information while onboard. However, you are requested to not wear tank tops or swim wear whilst dining in Royal Palace for dinner.

A full-service lunch is available at Royal Palace on select dates. Check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific times and dates while onboard.

Open seating is available when dining at Royal Palace for lunch, meaning you and your family are invited to dine at any table you choose.

A breakfast buffet is available at Royal Palace on select cruise days. Because operating hours do vary daily, check the Personal Navigator—the Disney Cruise Line daily newsletter detailing all there is to see and do—for specific time and dates while onboard.

Child's Menu
For the most discerning child's palate, Royal Palace is proud to offer a large selection of classic children's food favorites.

The following beverages are available at Royal Palace for an additional charge plus gratuity:
  • Bar drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Specialty Coffee
The following beverages are complimentary at Royal Palace and require no additional charge:
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Fruit Juice
  • Milk
  • Tea (Iced/Hot)
Live Shows

On the Disney Dream, our original live productions will be performed three times each evening. In order to make certain everyone is accommodated—similar to our assigned dining times—you will be assigned a specific performance. If you are on the first dinner seating time, you'll be assigned either the first performance or third performance of the live show. If you are on the second dinner seating, you'll be assigned to attend either the first or second show performances.

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Dining That Dazzles

Disney Cruise Line Main Dining features Disney's innovative Rotational Dining system which lets you "rotate" to one of the 3 distinctly themed restaurants each night, while your servers follow you from venue to venue.

Fun Facts & Tips

In keeping with the regal theme, Guests dining at Royal Palace with be greeted by Crew Members with a dignified bow or curtsey.

The menus at Royal Palace resemble royal decrees, written in a calligraphy font and boasting a wax seal for authenticity.


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