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Monastery in the Warnemunde Mountains

Warnemunde (Berlin), Germany

Location: Europe

Warnemünde, Germany is a charming port of call on a Disney Cruise Line European Cruise vacation. Originally a fishing village, Warnemünde is now a bustling port on the Baltic Sea, home to shipping, shipbuilding and fishing. In addition to being a cruise destination, the town is also a popular vacation spot for Germans.

Things to See and Do
Seaside delights and German culture mingle in Warnemünde, a port city that promises unforgettable experiences for visitors and their families. Known as the "Gateway to Berlin," Warnemünde boasts wide beaches—ideal for sunbathing, long walks or kite flying—as well as quaint stores and colorful fishermen's cottages. Shop along its seaside promenade, or head over to nearby picturesque Rostock for more sights and sounds that are characteristic of daily German life. In Rostock, you can pay a visit to a cultural history museum of note and a famous monastery.

Among Warnemünde's many memorable areas of interest are a tall lighthouse of noble construction that was built in 1897. Amazingly, it is still in use today. From this tourist spot, stroll to the picturesque der Alte Strom, or" Old Channel," with its traditional fishing boats, market, restaurants and pubs. Here, also, you'll find a local history museum housed in a fisherman's cottage.

From Warnemünde, Berlin is easily accessible by train, car or bus, so visitors to the town are a short trip away from the larger city's architecture, museums, restaurants and cafés.

Local Culture and Flavor
Travelers from outside northern Europe quickly learn that Warnemünde is one of Germany's best-kept secrets, offering sun, sand and sea, as well as the best sailing in the country.

When you're through shopping and sightseeing, you may find yourself relaxing on a German wicker chair on the beach, watching boats drift on the horizon. You can also choose to indulge in supreme comfort in one of the oceanside day spas offering algae-pack treatments, seawater baths and massages.

One thing is certain: you won't need to stray far from the sea to experience the greatest pleasures of life in this peaceful port city.

Past and Present
Warnemünde owes its relaxed atmosphere to its roots as a humble fishing village. More than a century after Warnemünde's founding, its powerful neighbor—the city of Rostock—bought it in 1323 to ensure access to the Baltic Sea. It became a district of Rostock then, as it continues to be today.

In the 1800s, Warnemünde developed into a sea resort. During the 20th century, it became home to shipping, shipbuilding and fishing industries. During World War II, Allied Forces bombed it, destroying nearly half of its dwellings and several of its historic buildings. After WWII, it came under communist rule as part of East Germany, which terminated when German unification took place in 1990.

Today, Warnemünde is an active town that owes its life and livelihood to the sea. Daily ferries leave for, and arrive from, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Finland. Further, the construction of a modern cruise-line center in 2005 has helped to establish Warnemünde as Germany's most important cruise-line harbor.


Fun Facts & Tips

By train, Warnemünde is less than 3 hours from Berlin.

Founded in 1419, the University of Rostock is the oldest university in continental northern Europe.

The first privately financed tunnel in Germany crosses the Warnow River, connecting east and west Rostock.


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