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Charming Cafes and Boutiques in Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

Location: Europe

Tallinn, Estonia is a bustling Baltic port of call on a Disney Cruise Line European Cruise vacation. The city presents visitors with an array of exciting jaunts through picturesque town squares and gothic architectural marvels. Enjoy shady spots along cobbled lanes where you can rest your feet and feast your eyes on the charming cafes and boutiques that line the avenues. Nature lovers can even revel in the beauty of the city's waterfront and river valley.

Things to See and Do
Talllinn is a town that holds many pleasant surprises for families who explore it together. You can tour the Kadriorg, for example—the noble palace of Peter the Great, which has been converted into the country's premier art museum.

More Tallinn heritage and Estonian culture—at their finest and best-preserved—can be found at any of the incredible Russian, Danish and German-style landmark buildings that reflect the great diversity of Estonian rule over the centuries. Toompea Castle, which overlooks the city from high atop a hill, is a sight to behold, as is the medieval grandeur of St. Nicholas's Church. Celebrate Tallinn's sea-faring history at the Maritime Museum, which houses antique nautical equipment and artifacts salvaged from the ocean's depths.

When it's time to shop for souvenirs, take a stroll into Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square) to peruse the charming boutiques that line its lanes.

Local Culture and Flavor
To get a true sense of life in Tallinn, it's useful to know that historically, it is comprised of 3 distinct parts: the Toompea (or "Cathedral Hill") which is the current seat of the Estonian government and embassies; Old Town, which was once the center of the medieval trade that bolstered the local economy; and South Old Town, where ethnic Estonians first settled in droves to eventually form a majority population. Together, these parts form a city that is the industrial, political, technological and cultural center of Estonia.

Away from the dynamic city centers and popular landmarks, find natural landscapes and backdrops in Tallinn that will leave you breathless. Travel to the coastal district of Pirita and hire a boat for a leisurely afternoon on crystal waters, and experience how many locals spend their weekends.

Past and Present
Since establishing independence from the USSR in 1991, Tallinn has rapidly developed into an exciting and modern European capital.

Wherever you go in Tallinn, you'll discover the pleasures that make this Baltic sea port a refreshing destination for visitors, and one that grows in popularity each and every year.


Fun Facts & Tips

The planned Rail Baltica project will eventually link Tallinn with Warsaw and the rest of the European rail network.

Of all the European Union member states' capital cities, Tallinn has the largest number of non-EU nationals—mostly Russian.


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