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Boats Docked in a Stockholm Bay

Stockholm, Sweden

Location: Europe

Stockholm, Sweden is one of the captivating ports of call on a Disney Cruise Line European Cruise vacation. A major metropolitan city and world cultural center, Stockholm presents visitors with breathtaking medieval and Renaissance-era architecture, a trove of fine and modern art museums, chic shopping districts and government buildings constructed with palatial majesty. The city is built on several islands at the mouth of Lake Mälaren and boasts the stately residence of the Swedish monarch.

Things to See and Do
The city of Stockholm has art and culture in abundance for visitors and their families wishing to expand their horizons in new and interesting ways. The real draws of the city, in fact, are its truly monumental tributes to art and culture. Stockholm boasts over 100 museums devoted to the preservation and display of European paintings, sculptures and handicrafts.

Be led on a trip back in time through the work of masters like Rembrandt, Antoine Watteau and Alexander Roslin, among many worthy artists at any of Stockholm's museums, and then venture out in search of the city's distinguished theaters. The Royal Dramatic Theater and the Royal Swedish Opera both call Stockholm home.

High art can be paired with local history and traditions when you visit "Gamla Stan" (Old Town). There, walk the ancient streets, strolling past centuries-old churches and cathedrals. Step into breathtaking palaces and mansions, and experience the grandeur of baroque, medieval and renaissance-style construction in buildings that were masterfully erected in vastly different historical eras; they stand side by side today.

Local Culture and Flavor
Amidst a wealth of culture and history thrives a population that tops 2 million. Stockholm hums with tourist activity, spread across 14 linked islands. Visitors will observe a city that reveres its long history and heritage, while admiring how far it has forged ahead into the modern age.

A tour of Stockholm will take you through bustling financial centers that tower with gleaming corporate structures and stately government buildings in Art Nouveau style. What's more, posh shopping awaits those who step into the city's luxurious department stores. Headquartered in Stockholm are major international banks and some of the world's largest insurance companies.

Past and Present
Singular sights and sounds greet you as you travel from the port into a city that was originally founded to protect Sweden from invasion by sea. Its strategic position led Stockholm to rise to prominence as a center for Baltic trade between 1300 and 1500. By the 20th century, it had begun flourishing as a modern, technologically advanced capital of growing ethnic diversity—a trend that is apparent today around every corner.

A visit to Stockholm promises the experience of a lifetime, where age-old culture and modern-day luxury and leisure mix in a captivating mélange.


Fun Facts & Tips

During the summer, Stockholm has 18 hours of sunlight, and during the winter, only 6 hours.

Because there is so little heavy industry in Stockholm, it is one of the world's cleanest metropolitan areas.

Stockholm is home to around 100 museums, which are visited by millions of people each year.


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