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Mole, Norway

Molde, Norway

Location: Europe

Also known as the "Town of Roses," Molde is a picturesque sea port with lush gardens, green parks and flowery pavilions. The town is located on Romsdalsfjord—nestled between the majestic Romsdal Mountains and the coast.

Things to See and Do Stroll along the picturesque streets of Molde and admire its rose-filled gardens. Treat your senses to a dazzling jazz performance at a local venue. Get a glimpse into history at the Romsdal Museum—one of the largest and most comprehensive folk museums in Norway.

Adventure lovers should take the scenic hike to Varden Viewpoint, which offers panoramic views from 400 meters above the town. It's an idyllic spot to see the area's majestic fjord and 222 snowcapped mountains.

Just beyond the city, hidden gems await. Visit the Troll Church, a colorful destination with grottos, underground streams and waterfalls. Or, go on a thrilling road trip along the winding Atlantic Road, which connects Molde with remote islands in Norway.

Local Culture and Flavor Molde is a popular travel destination for jazz lovers and literary enthusiasts, hosting grand events in summer months.

The town is home to Norway's oldest literary festival, typically held in late summer. And every July, Molde hosts the oldest international jazz festival in Europe. Over the years, music legends like Miles Davis, BB King and Ray Charles have performed at this festival.

When you're ready for refreshment, Molde has much to offer. Delight in an array of international options as well as Norwegian cuisine. Traditional foods in Norway are influenced by the geography of the region. Common staples at the dinner table include seafood, root vegetables, fruit, cured meats and wild game.

Shopping The most popular souvenirs are knitted sweaters, reindeer skins, furs, handicrafts, glass, crystal and pottery.

Past and Present Molde was established as a trading post during the Middle Ages. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the town began to flourish with the growth of the Norwegian textile and garment industries.

The town was partially destroyed by a fire in 1916, and then again after heavy bombing during World War II. However, the town was rebuilt—and continues to grow and thrive today.


Fun Facts & Tips

Summertime in Molde means longer days and shorter nights. In the month of June, the sun rises around 3:30 a.m. and sets around 11:30 p.m.


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