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Mickey by a Copenhagen Waterway

Copenhagen, Denmark

Location: Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark is an enthralling port of call on a Disney Cruise Line European Cruise vacation, and—with its cobblestone streets, palaces, museums and sumptuous gardens—is one of the most visited port cities in Europe. From the time of the Vikings, Copenhagen has grown from a humble fishing village to a vibrant metropolis. Tourists today are always delighted to hear that Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen drew much inspiration for his fairytale world from the city of Copenhagen, where he penned "The Little Mermaid."

Things to See and Do
There is plenty to see and do in Copenhagen for individuals, couples and families alike.

The city boasts royal palaces and modern edifices, such as the new wing of the Royal Library, which boasts walls hewn of black granite. This repository of books is the largest and most important in Scandinavia and contains a comprehensive collection of European works.

Copenhagen is also known for New Harbor. This picturesque part of Copenhagen is rimmed by multi-colored copper-roofed townhouses—all in a row—and features a number of charming cafes and restaurants. New Harbor has also been the location of the illustrious Royal Academy of Art since 1754.

Tourists will also not want to miss Strøget, an enchanting street entirely dedicated to shoppers. It is home to both high-end stores and thrift shops, as well as everything in between. It's also a terrific spot to watch street performers.

Local Culture and Flavor
Lovers of Copenhagen revere the city as it stands today as a "fashion powerhouse," one of the most environmentally friendly cities on the planet and one that is beloved for its storybook townhouses, verdant parks, ancient cobbled plazas and pervasive, distinguished culture.

Despite its long history and the dozens of museums that document its heritage, Copenhagen is a dynamic, trendsetting city. The movements its artists start in art and architecture have echoes around the world. While walking through its metropolitan areas, visitors are often wowed by the modernity of so many of its buildings and the chic sophistication of its citizens.

Past and Present
There is evidence to suggest that Copenhagen existed as a settlement more than 6,000 years ago. The first written record dates back to 1043 AD. It officially became a city in 1167. During the centuries that followed, it was transformed into a flourishing town, thanks largely to fishing and trading. In 1343, King Valdemar Atterdag made Copenhagen the capital of his kingdom.

There are famous Danes, both past and present, who have called Copenhagen home. Those from the past include Medieval warrior and city founder Bishop Absalon, philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, Nobel Prize- winning nuclear-physicist Niels Bohr and fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Today, illustrious figures, from celebrities to filmmakers, continue to flock to fair Copenhagen. With nearly 2 million people living in the greater Copenhagen area, it is undeniably one of the most popular cities in the world for travel and for residency. It is also home to the Danish royal family and the seat of the Danish government.


Fun Facts & Tips

Copenhagen's largest shopping center is one of Europe's longest streets, reserved for pedestrians only.

More than one-third of all Copenhagen residents ride bicycles around town.

At Amalienborg Palace, the Guards' Parade consists of a band, a drum crops and a unit of 36 guardsmen, dressed in blue uniforms and bearskin hats.


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