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Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John, New Brunswick

Location: Canada & New England Coast

Infused with a profound history, Saint John is Canada's oldest incorporated city. Having welcomed immigrants from Eastern Europe and the UK onto its shores for centuries, it claims the country's oldest museum and farmer's market, as well as a critical role in the events leading up to World War II. Because it's seated on the Bay of Fundy and divided by the St. John River, the city is home to a unique, sometimes treacherous phenomenon called "reversing falls." During high tide, the prevailing river current reverses itself against the normal flow of water, creating rapids or "falls."

Compared to inland locations, the climate of Saint John is moderate, with plenty of romantic fog billowing into the city throughout the year. Take a walk along the waterfront to enjoy the cloud kiss as the salt air revives your senses. Later visit one of the many museums dedicated to the city's heritage, shop in the boutiques and art galleries, and savor a lunch of fresh seafood. Saint John offers a relaxing day that sweeps you back in time and refreshes your spirit.

Fun Facts & Tips

Saint John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. In 2011, the greater Saint John area had a population of more than 125,000 people.

The official languages of New Brunswick are English and French. The city of Saint John has the same name in English as it does in French.

New Brunswick has more than 60 covered bridges and 48 lighthouses—and is renowned for the beautiful lighthouses found along its inland rivers.


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