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Tracy Arm, Alaska

Location: Alaska & Pacific Coast

Tracy Arm, a port of call on a Disney Cruise Line 7-Night Alaska Cruise vacation, is a fjord located 45 miles south of Juneau, Alaska amid Tongass National Forest. Known for unparalleled natural beauty, this scenic destination is home to towering waterfalls, mammoth glaciers, rugged mountaintops and wildlife.

Because the cruise ship does not dock at Tracy Arm, Disney Cruise Line invites you to enjoy a scenic cruise of the fjord, where your ship's captain will bring you as close as possible to the unparalleled beauty that surrounds you everywhere you look.

Named after Civil War general Benjamin Franklin Tracy, Tracy Arm Fjord is an approximate 30-mile-long fjord—a narrow inlet created by glacial activity—that weaves its way past 7,000-foot high snow-capped mountains and floating icebergs both large and small. Formed thousands of years ago, this calm waterway boasts towering granite walls that jet up from the fjord majestically, framed against a sweeping forest terrain.

At the end of the fjord lays the translucent mountain masterpiece known as the Sawyer Glaciers, comprised of the North Sawyer and South Sawyer glaciers. Rising elegantly out of the water, these 2 age-old, glowing, light-blue calving glaciers offer a glimpse into a time so very long ago, when huge chunks of ice the size of continents swallowed up whole countries during the Ice Ages of the past. Once an hour on average, slabs of these great glaciers calve and tumble into the saltwater below.

In addition to the geological splendors that surround you wherever you look, Tracy Arm is home to a myriad wildlife including bald eagles, brown bears, goats and whales, providing ample opportunity to snap a picture of one of the area's long-standing natives.

A nature lovers' paradise to be sure, Tracy Arm invites you to behold the breathtaking beauty of the wild at its most dramatic and precious.


Fun Facts & Tips

Tracy Arm was designated as a wilderness area by the United States Congress in 1980.

The Tracy Arm area covers 653,179 acres.

Due to microscopic sediment, the water is a glacial blue.


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