Sitka, Alaska

Sitka, Alaska

Location: Alaska & Pacific Coast

As part of the continental United States, Sitka is a place where English is universally spoken.

In the summer, the average temperature high in Sitka is approximately 62 F°, and the average low is 52 F°.

How to Pay
U.S. currency is used and accepted in Sitka, as are all major credit cards.

How to Get Around
Once in Sitka, visitors can travel by foot, bicycle, rental car or taxi. The downtown area is centrally located and most points of interest are within walking distance of one another.

Safety in Sitka
Sitka is a cruise destination and considered very safe, but Disney Cruise Line Guests are always advised to follow safety precautions to protect valuables. Please follow these tips to help ensure that you have a fun and safe vacation.

Busy tourist areas and outdoor festivals are favorite locations for pick-pockets. Always be conscious of your personal belongings and surroundings.

It is a good practice to keep your wallet in your front pocket and any bags securely zipped.

Fun Facts & Tips

The capital of Alaska relocated from Sitka to Juneau in 1906 as a result of the gold rush. Juneau had gold, while Sitka did not.


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